Thanks very much to those who presented me with these awards

Presented by Stampteach
November 8 1997
Thanks  Stampteach
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Sealights recommended me for this Award
November 8 1997
Thanks  Sealights
Presented by Annabella
November 14 1997
Thanks  Annabella
Presented by Pam Middleton-Lee
December 2 1997
Thanks  Pam
Presented by Rockett's Web
December 6 1997
Thanks  Kay Rockett
Presented  by Gracie's Family Tree
December 10 1997
Thanks Gracie Stover
Presented by DeWanna's Home on the Web
December 13, 1997
Thanks DeWanna
Awarded by Coop
December 25, 1997
Thanks Coop
Awarded by Rose
February 8, 1998
Thanks for the Award Rose
Awarded by Nielsen Websites and Business Graphics
February 25, 1998
Thanks for the award Eric
Awarded by Relatively Speaking
March 7 1998
Thanks for the award Scrapett
Presented by Donald Pond
March 8 1998
Thanks very much Don
Presented by Angels Heaven
March 09 1998
Thanks for this wonderful Award Angel
Presented by Angels Heaven
March 9 1998
Thanks so much Angel
Presented by DeWanna April 18, 1997
Thanks to DeWanna for this very special Award
Awarded by Ladd Digging Ground
June 8 1998
Thanks for this beautiful award Misty
Thanks to Chris Kaiser for this beautiful award
Awarded by "Diggin Up My Roots"
July 9 1998
Thanks Jackie
Presented by GrowinTree's Genealogy
July 15 1998
Thanks so much for the Award Felicia
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